Our projects contribute to digital media studies, global studies, critical tech studies, and computational social sciences.

We work with various groups, including government officials, tech policy experts, aid organizations, digital rights advocates, and journalists. Through intersectoral collaborations, undergraduate and graduate academic programs, and policy-relevant research, our work centers understudied dimensions of global tech cultures, including but not limited to transnational comparisons of big tech practices and grassroots mobilizations against platform logics.

Research Areas

As thinkers, makers, and activists who work transnationally, members of GloTech@UMass are committed to engaged scholarship in and about the technologically mediated global public sphere. ​

Geopolitics and the Political Economy of Tech

We research the intersection of technology and governance of digital systems. We investigate technological norms, develop alternative models for tech design and governance, and map out transnational flows of tech policy, design-thinking, and innovation across national and cultural borders.

Global Digital Injustices

We investigate the what, who, and how behind the reproduction of diverse forms of digital harms, biases, and oppression emerging from digital innovations.

We investigate the transnational political and economic drivers of disinformation and explore ways to defund the digital entrepreneurs and political elites profiting from hate and divisiveness.

Tech for Healing and Resilience

We collaborate with community leaders, tech activists, journalists, and human rights defenders. We champion bottom-up solutions that foster transnational solidarity, social justice, and racial justice worldwide – solutions that go beyond techno-legal approaches. We are committed to highlighting grassroots interventions and healing efforts across the globe.